Bloobloom glasses blue packaging design by Bodkin Studio


Creating an authentic, distinctive, and philanthropic eyewear brand that stands out in a competitive market

  • Brand Identity

  • Visual Identity

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Packaging Design

  • Artworking

  • Print Production

  • Website Design

  • Art Direction

Bloobloom is a disruptive new business in the glasses space that offers beautifully designed eyewear made with high quality materials in Italy for a much lower price than competitors. Bloobloom is a charity driven business. For every pair a consumer buys, Bloobloom donates a pair to someone in need through their Pair for Pair programme.

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Spanish Stray Dogs

Creating an identity that reflects the love, care, and passion of a rescue charity for the dogs they save

Brand Identity, Visual Identity, Typography, Design Direction

Spanish Stray Dogs logo on a dog's bandana
Spanish Stray Dogs logo on a tote bag spelling out "We Love Dogs"