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Bath, UK

Bodkin B logo symbol

is for bold: merging strategy, creativity, and technology to craft brands, websites and apps that make our clients stand out.

Who we are

We're here to tackle your unique challenges and ensure your brand shines in every space, digital or physical.

At Bodkin, our philosophy is simple: treat every client and every project as one-of-a-kind. We thrive on creating custom solutions designed just for you. Our aim? To get involved, really involved, because we believe the best design can empower companies and redefine how customers perceive you.

Why choose us?

Just one agency

We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of design and development services. By partnering closely with our clients, we can guide them from A to Z without the need to coordinate multiple teams and agencies. With Bodkin, you get one dedicated and focused team, a singular vision, and all your goals realized—without the hassle.

One agency, one team, one vision.

Brand-focused design

A strong brand is like a well-built house. Just as a house has a solid foundation, unique design, and consistent quality, a strong brand has a solid strategy, distinctive identity, and consistent messaging. Both provide security, identity, and a sense of belonging to those who inhabit them.

That’s why we believe everything should start with a solid brand. Digital products such as websites and apps should be an extension of that brand, rather than a separate entity. This approach creates a cohesive and seamless experience for users, helps your business stand out, and gives your brand its own distinctive voice. At Bodkin, we build brands that stand the test of time, providing your business with a strong foundation and a unique presence in the marketplace.

One brand, one voice, one experience.

Built the way it should be

When creating digital products such as apps and websites, even the best designs fall short without the right developers to bring them to life. At Bodkin, we do more than just design—we build things properly. As both designers and developers, we ensure that your vision is executed to perfection.

We utilize cutting-edge frameworks to power products built on an extendable component library and design system. This ensures speed, stability, security, and, importantly, a robust platform that is future-proof, eliminating the unfortunately common frustration of needing a complete rebuild every few years.

By handling both the design and development, we ensure a seamless transition from concept to creation, maintaining the integrity and quality of the original design throughout the development process. This integrated approach guarantees that your digital products are not only visually stunning but also highly functional and scalable.

Designed with precision, built to last.

Who we are

A studio created for today

Bodkin is a studio built for the modern era, combining design and development seamlessly to meet today’s dynamic needs. Our hybrid approach ensures that every project is crafted with both creativity and technical precision, resulting in products that are both beautiful and functional. In addition to our in-house expertise, we have a flexible team and a robust network of professionals across various creative disciplines. This allows us to scale and adapt to projects of any size and complexity, offering specialized skills in areas such as animation, illustration, and branding. With Bodkin, you get the agility and personalized service of a small studio, backed by the broad capabilities and innovative solutions of a large agency.

How it began

Bodkin was born as a natural evolution from James Ward's freelance design practice. Working directly with clients for over 13 years, James saw how challenging it was for companies to build and launch their brands while juggling multiple agencies. As technology and design evolved, user expectations have gotten greater. Recognizing this, Bodkin was established to provide a one-stop solution. We take you from A to Z, handling all your design and development needs with dedication and care, ensuring your brand enters the marketplace looking its best.

No project is too big or too small. today to discuss your design and/or development needs.

Office at Glove Factory Studios, Holt

Glove Factory Studios,
near Bath, UK

Design it

A brand is more than just a logo, and an app is much more than just a pretty interface. At Bodkin, we provide the comprehensive design services needed to build your company properly and help you excel in the marketplace. Our collaborative process is tailored to the unique needs of each client and project, starting with strong research and strategy to ensure success.

We pride ourselves on offering extensive capabilities whilst maintaining the personalized craft and care of a small studio. By partnering closely with our clients, we execute every design detail, setting you apart from the competition.


  • Brand identity
  • Naming
  • Visual identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Design systems
  • Typography
  • Creative direction
  • Design direction
  • Brand implementation and management


  • Website design
  • Digital product design
  • Packaging design
  • Social media
  • Motion design
  • Art direction
  • E-Commerce design
  • UI/UX design


  • Product strategy
  • Design strategy
  • Brand strategy
  • Research and insight
  • Digital experience strategy

Build it

At Bodkin, development goes beyond coding; it's about creating robust and transformative digital solutions. Our team excels at bringing complex designs to life, ensuring every product is visually impressive, highly functional, and scalable. Whether it's responsive websites, dynamic mobile apps, or sophisticated web applications, we root our approach in a deep understanding of both technology and user needs.

From the start, we align our development strategies with your business goals, ensuring every technology we create advances your objectives. Our developers are skilled in modern frameworks, especially React for web applications and React Native for cross-platform mobile apps. This expertise guarantees digital products that not only look spectacular but also work flawlessly.

As both designers and developers, we ensure seamless execution of designs, resulting in products that combine exceptional functionality with aesthetic elegance. We prioritize collaboration and transparency, keeping clients involved and informed at every stage. This close partnership ensures the final product exceeds expectations, enhancing user satisfaction and business success.


  • Responsive websites
  • Shopify
  • Wordpress
  • React
  • Headless CMS


  • Multi-platform mobile apps
  • Progressive web apps
  • Component libraries
  • Branding tools

Have your own developers? No problem.

At Bodkin, we understand the importance of smooth collaboration and integration. Our team puts extensive technological knowledge to work to ensure a frictionless handoff from design to development. We're equipped to align seamlessly with your in-house developers, providing them with meticulously prepared design files that make implementation straightforward and error-free. Beyond just handing over files, we stand by to offer ongoing design and technical support, helping to troubleshoot issues and refine features as needed. Whether you need us to take the lead or support your existing team, Bodkin is committed to your project's success at every stage.

Bodkin logo in metal letterpress type

What's in a name?


Letterpress printing, a transformative technique that originated in the mid-15th century, has been a cornerstone in the dissemination of knowledge. This method involves using metal type, individual characters cast from a mixture of lead, tin, and antimony, set into frames to compose words and texts. These are then inked and pressed onto paper to create impressions. The invention of metal type by Johannes Gutenberg around 1440 marked a significant revolution in printing technology, enhancing the durability, consistency, and quality of printed materials.

Letterpress metal type example

Metal letterpress type (source)

In letterpress printing, one small but vital tool exemplifies the craft's meticulous nature: the bodkin. This sharp, pointed instrument is used for making precise corrections and adjustments to the layout of metal type within the press. Printers wield the bodkin to expertly pry out individual letters or adjust spacing, ensuring each page's text is perfectly aligned and aesthetically pleasing. The bodkin, therefore, is not merely a tool but a symbol of the precision and care inherent in traditional printing.

Bodkin tool for letterpress printing

Common letterpress tools including two types of bodkins (source)

Inspired by this rich history and the artisanal values it represents, we named our design studio "Bodkin." Just as the bodkin in letterpress printing allows for fine-tuning and perfection of the printed word, at Bodkin Studio, we embody the same spirit of meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship in our work. Our studio is committed to precision in design, where every element is carefully considered and executed to create compelling, high-quality visuals. The name "Bodkin" reflects our dedication to craftsmanship, precision, and the timeless beauty that meticulous attention to detail can achieve in design, much like it does in the art of letterpress printing.

Bodkin dagger icon