Modernizing SMS for today's business landscape to enhance communication between companies and their customers

Brand Identity, Visual Identity, Brand Guidelines, UI/UX Design, Product Design, Website Design, Design Systems, Brand Management, Headless CMS, React Native App Development, React App Development, Component Library Development

YakChat - UI/UX mobile sidebar
YakChat -branding tote bag


Breathing life into a global consultancy firm's existing identity while providing them with the tools to execute their brand consistently worldwide

Brand Identity, Visual Identity, Brand Guidelines, Design Systems, Design Direction, Product Design, Social Media, Design strategy, React Development, Web App Development, Component Library Development

AlixPartners logo on 3d geometry
AlixPartners stationery

Spanish Stray Dogs

Creating an identity that reflects the love, care, and passion of a rescue charity for the dogs they save

Brand Identity, Visual Identity, Typography, Design Direction

Spanish Stray Dogs logo on a dog's bandana
Spanish Stray Dogs logo on a tote bag spelling out "We Love Dogs"


Developing a groundbreaking social media platform that defies traditional norms, celebrates individuality, and unites people through the power of music

Brand Identity, Visual Identity, UI/UX Design, Product Design, Website Design, Design System, Design Direction, Brand Implementation, Product Strategy, Research and Insight

Riff UI and UX mobile app splash page design by Bodkin
Riff apparel by Bodkin featuring alternative versions of the Riff logo


Creating an authentic, distinctive, and philanthropic eyewear brand that stands out in a competitive market

Brand Identity, Visual Identity, Brand Guidelines, Packaging Design, Artworking, Print Production, Website Design, Art Direction

Bloobloom glasses blue packaging design by Bodkin Studio
Bloobloom branding illustration design by Bodkin Studio

Perfectly Clear

Developing a brand that simplifies cutting-edge scientific and intelligent software, making it easily understandable for the everyday consumer

Brand Identity, Visual Identity, Brand Guidelines, UI/UX Design, Product Design, Website Design, Webite Development

Perfectly Clear UI/UX design on iPhone and iPad
Perfectly Clear train station poster advert "Go beyond the frame"
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At Bodkin, we expertly transform the initial sparks of your imagination into iconic brands and rough sketches into definitive market launches. No challenge is too daunting. With extensive experience and a commitment to excellence, we're not just prepared to guide your business through its next phase—we are here to build your company from the ground up, standing by you every step of the way.

Creating a brand goes beyond designing a logo, just as creating a product transcends the design of a screen. At Bodkin, we champion consistency, critical thinking, and systematic design and development at every stage of your company's journey. Avoid the hassle of coordinating multiple agencies to execute a single vision; choose Bodkin, where we handle everything from concept to design, to development, to production.

  • Branding

    Developing foundational and strategic brand identities

  • Visual Identities

    Crafting unique and compelling visual languages for brands.

  • Product Design

    Creating intuitive and effective physical and digital products.

  • UI/UX Design

    Designing user-friendly and engaging digital applications.

  • Design Systems

    Building comprehensive design frameworks for consistency across all platforms.

  • Web Development

    Developing robust and scalable websites.

  • React Development

    Specializing in React and React Native technology for dynamic and responsive web and mobile applications.

For solutions as unique as your problems,


Don't just take our word for it

Joshua Miller,
SVP Brand and Marketing at AlixPartners

"Bodkin’s approach to working with us was refreshingly original. Instead of proprietary methodologies and overly engineered strategies they listened to our problems and created a suite of solutions that just worked. Not only did they work, they delivered incredible results across a huge set of channels speaking to an international audience. It was like magic. As well as a fantastically effective process, Bodkin’s standard of work was incredible. The designs were not only aesthetically beautiful but thoroughly thought through and well executed."

Sarah Lefebvre,
Director of Marketing at Perfectly Clear

"I’ve worked with James across multiple brands for more than seven years, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without him. Not only is his design work exceptional, he’s a true partner regarding branding and design. I appreciate the fact that James can follow a vision while also providing valuable feedback and guidance — he ensures that tasks and designs are done well rather than just completed. I’d recommend James to anyone looking for design work."

Kara Katz,
CEO of Riff

"Choosing the right designer for our Silicon Valley, VC-backed tech start up was crucial, and we hit the jackpot with James. His unparalleled expertise and creativity have not only revitalized our brand but propelled our app and website into the forefront of consumer platforms. From the outset, James demonstrated an exceptional level of detail and creativity. His ability to bring abstract concepts to life is nothing short of genius. The user interface is not only beautiful but also intuitively aligns with the needs of our users, making every interaction a pleasure. Working with James has been an enlightening experience. His patience, responsiveness, and dedication to exceeding expectations made the entire process seamless. He isn’t just a designer; he’s a strategic partner who adds value well beyond the conventional scope. His work speaks volumes of his capability to manage even the most demanding projects, ensuring every aspect is perfect to the last pixel. James stands in a class of his own and comes with our highest recommendation. If you seek a world-class talent to elevate your project, look no further."